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software service
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Your idea in lines of code. Relax and leave everything in the hands of our engineers! Neglect, those who are in the insulation and will be working without interruptions for you, delivering your project just to the measure of what you request.
For Kybel there is no "no" and yes many "yes". JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3; Crème de la crème. * Insert emoji: D *. The vanguard and professional growth of our developers speak for themselves. We want to give you what you deserve and more. Our priority: your website to the measure and with the institutionalization of your company. A comfortable and friendly space for your client to have that ease of navigation and a unique user experience.
E-commerce is our specialty. Giving your site its own online sales system that can be managed by you and allows your customers to buy through the internet from the comfort of your home is the best you can offer them.
For the Development Area there are no limits! It has been many and large companies who have relied on their expert hands ... and lines of code.

And because there is nothing better than versatility, at Kybel we develop systems tailored to the needs of any type of company, training the team and taking them hand in hand at all times.
It's a man's world! Our team of engineers is composed of sagacious, intelligent and autonomous brave and capable men ... they feed themselves! A bouquet of virtues!

IOS and Android, the two most widely used operating systems on the market. Kybel has the most capable team for development in mobile devices, offering countless possibilities for your application to have the best features of development and design.
What is a website if you can not do anything about it? The trend practically forces your presence on the internet to contribute something to the Internet user (note the word dominguera).
From the abstract to the graphic. Do you have an idea and do not know how to translate it? That's what our creatives are for! Just do not ask them to do a "cartoon", do not take anything right * insert emoji: S *
Okay, yes. Your mark is already on, but what's next? Give it applications! The world does not end up in a business card, there are more uses you can give your identity and what better than Kybel experts to help you with it. Your clients and your collaborators will feel the attachment necessary to project the image of your company.
Web development is important, but it is nothing without a dynamic, friendly, interactive, easy and intuitive design. This is only achieved if your website has the proper graphic activity that allows all who interact with it, easy access to the information you present.
Let's see: you have a business idea, you know perfectly how it will work, you are clear who your target market will be and you know how useful your product or service will be, but you have no definite graphic identity for your brand! Remember that not everything is your logo. Like people, your brand also needs a unique identity, a distinctive characteristic that allows the visual association of your company with the service you offer. With Kybel you can be sure to have the graphic identity that best suits your company.
The development of mobile applications is not an easy thing, so it must have a precise and specialized design: you got it right, Kybel is back in control! The area of ​​expertise of our designers perfectly covers the mobile design so that your application enjoys all the attributes necessary for its proper functioning.
Expansion is everything. Who says you should stay with only one, when you have a range of possibilities to grow your business? If you are clear that there may be a greater number of products for your customers, what better than to come to us to help you with the identity of the same. At Kybel we are experts in designing the identity and application of your brand to the new products that you are about to bring to market.
Your brand should be on the internet and social networks are the best option for it. But in addition to promoting your products and services, you must also contribute something more to your followers; That's where the Creative Area comes in and gets to work. Our designers will create for you the best graphic content so that your networking community has that extra they are expecting from your brand.
Social networking, brand strategy, consulting, content generation, name for your company? You ask for it and we help you! At Kybel we can with this and more.
Remember that everyone can be on social networks, but not all networks are for everyone. In the Kybel Communication Area we will help you generate the right strategy to project your brand through the most popular social networks suitable for your company; We will tell you how we will carry out the administration, thanks to the analysis of your company and your competition, understanding how your business activity works and determining the type of content that we will be publishing in it.
Your startup is that little project that will grow quickly and there is nothing more important than the definition of the name for it. This name must be accompanied by a proper market analysis that determines the scope of the same, where it is estimated what will be its projection with the help of your identity. The Kybel Communication Area will help you to see the best name for your company, indicating pros and cons, showing you the internet domains available for it and the freedom to register it with the IMPI, having the security of having an original name without plagiarism .
Knowing how your business works is as important to you as to your work team. If they are not aware of the course, they will not know how to help you achieve your goals and achieve your goals. Kybel will design your Corporate Identity Manual, with the information of your company per se, but with the complement of the description of your brand as such. With this, your company will know to follow precise statutes and so your employees feel the attachment necessary for your brand to continue growing.
Internal communication is of vital importance for the projection of your brand inside and outside your company. The use of appropriate channels of communication are the ones that allow your messages to always be delivered accurately and interpreted in a timely manner. At Kybel we are experts in everything related to communication and we will help you to consolidate the name of your brand effectively.